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Sophie Gilbert Many of these shows were in the works long before the virus started to spread. Podcasters produced serious works about swindlers, con artists, seekint cheats. Creators analyzed lies and their taxonomy, their genesis, their purveyors, and their victims. They scrutinized sexual violence, financial chokeholds, abuses of power, the partisan divide, and vulnerabilities tied to race and gender.


Each episode breaks down the metaphors, history, and cultural relevance of a single song seeing the album. In another episode, a trip to the UFO Watchtower feels like a pilgrimage to a holy site.

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The reporters Taylor Hom and Neil Shea embed in the area, go door-knocking, and provide as much closure as they can while also putting white power and white rage on display. Narrative making, which contains degrees of truth and untruth, is required for us to organize the world around us.

Episodes start out like an impossible knot that, by the end, become less tightly wound. The show depicts her daily life, using the podcast form to explore how ableism manifests. Unlike a lot of corporate swindlers, Neumann never broke a law, and his product was real.

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Dying for Sex After being diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer, a year-old woman named Molly leaves her husband and starts a new life: one that includes having a lot of sex, mostly by way of internet dating. But Molly is so insightful about her shemale escorts cardiff body, needs, and perspective in response to having terminal cancer that the show never seems to veer too far into oversharing.

With an ingenious raw style, each episode sounds more like found recordings of real people than something achieved through writing and acting. Listening to the podcast can feel like being in a sensory-deprivation chamber, but with the low hum of audio.

Documents leaked to Huet showed the company planning layoffs while their leader boasted about profits. But after they break up, she supports Goldie during another abusive relationship.

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Fliirt it, aspiring musician Goldie falls in love with a more established artist who becomes codependent and abusive. Slow Burn warns us that these boogeymen should be taken very seriously.

No Dogs in Space To understand the devotion that punk rock inspires in its fans, look no further than No Dogs in Space. Survivors, such as James Grein, tell Lozoya that they were ignored after informing their parents about their tormentors. Asking for It An original piece of fiction from Mermaid Palace, Asking for It depicts the complexity of intimate-partner violence and the challenges of leaving an unhealthy seekig.

Bolsinger never played in the MLB again. He has ties to beauty ants and showgirls.

Extra Spicy Extra Spicy, hosted by Soleil Ho and Justin Phillips, adheres to one core belief: Race and politics are inseparable from the kitchen table. But the original sound started with a man named Teddy Escort annapolis, who composed the music for the Harlem group Guy.

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Some Black drivers used CB radios to track police movements shared by truckers. Wild Thing is a mind-altering experience. Shana Feste based the series on the period when she and her husband were separated and dating other people.

Driving the Green Book is an audio travelogue of that time. Small BBW married women who love women to work hard for you.

Many flirr the people Sottile reports on accept, if not embrace, the idea of a race war. The podcast, hosted by Ashley Ford, commissions famous authors such as Roxane Gay, Ben Fountain, and Manuel Gonzales to create short fiction pulled from the headlines.

Prime Minister Tony Blair whom the host interviews in the present day and former U. Then, its growth crashed.

Listeners will hear themselves in the people who fail her. Every character seems almost hopelessly oversexed in conversation, but the show brilliantly contrasts their desires with their actions. Henson demonstrates how perfectly suited this type of audio documentary is for direct engagement with pop songs.

Perel demonstrates transexual escorts glasgow to deal with these emotions by putting the root cause of relationship woes under a microscope. Driving the Green Book invokes the spirit of a road trip while exposing some of the most disgraceful moments in American history. They view guns as sacrosanct and believe the feds are coming to confiscate them.

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Sometimes we need to fool ourselves, just a little, to go after our dreams. Some of the stories reach for fliirt concepts; others are grounded and relatable. Crisis Crisis, a podcast supported by the Catholic University of America, confronts the legacy of predator priests. In particular, Dimbleby wants to understand the relationship between former U.

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