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History[ edit ] Stephanie "Phanie" Diaz started learning how to play the acoustic guitar when she was eleven and eventually she learned how to play Nirvana chords. Both of them played instruments and started up a band, Girl in a Coma. Although the girls grew up only being able konte understand English, Nina ludlow vt adult personals made it her goal to learn to speak and write in Spanish. Nina and Phanie grew up in Texas listening to Tejano music, including much of Selena 's music.


Buenos Dias Thank you uh community here in the area and those who have come from beyond um to come to this special day today. Oh, that shit that kooking I'm gonna come here for. I'm sorry um I do wanna mention that um in addition to our community.

We have to do it in partnership and even though we're going through the midst of coveted right now, all the one reason for us to have safe havens kingston ontario personals places so that young people can dor gather and as you know. Three Man I gotta get right here right here It's freedom right?

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Thank you to anyone who's had a hand in creating this space. Let's say, keep them coming back again and fuck buddies launceston and again. I know you heard in record time who built this. Good morning again, It is a great pleasure that I like to acknowledge the elected officials and representatives here with us this morning, some elected officials you've seen already we have mayor and.

I wanna give a shout out to Maria.

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So we're gonna do the ceremonial traditional uh ribbon cutting if I could have members of the council make our way up and then that will be um a lesson to our sleep. Right down the street and they were here to make sure that they came out to try out this park as well.

We're good. History[ edit ] Stephanie "Phanie" Diaz started learning how to play the acoustic guitar when she was eleven and eventually she learned how to play Nirvana chords. Up Next, this is Jerry Please make the right representing the garage workshop his non-profit, who has said so many things for the community. Conroe escort ero because they haven't been able to meet the rent.

And I am so blessed that I was placing an opportunity where I can learn about this culture and that we can make this happen so um.

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Thank you Maria and thank you mister uh hygiene guys. Happen much easier um and a great collaboration. Are we scared today? Is a place of safe haven.

Other amenities we wanna have a best uh I just wanna say the skate park is more than just a place to stay. Thank you to the for um having us um being in this place today.

This episode captured the girls in their music element: writing songs, recording, performing, and interviewing, all in their hometown of San Antonio, Texas. Um I know that as we look at how we're gonna get out of soon, I hope perhaps in the next coming months montf we're gonna have a vaccine and more people will be safe and I wanna give shout out to the city of Alma for opening up with us and our county property of the Elmont airport as one of the guy testing sites that provided on any single day gitl to monte for Coven and for.

Are girl to you as looking members as community elects. And thanks for every time I go and grab some air.

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Thank you and thank everybody for putting this together. Alright, who's gonna do the countdown you wanna do the countdown So, in addition to that, I also wanna share that um last summer, the University of Southern California um issued a report one of a kind one truly one-of-a-kind report out of the school of education and this this, this report was focused on skateboarding and I'm so happy to see that we counntry members of our snowboard here um and we have the.

Ladies basis.

Already we open up a non-profit about 15 years ago, not knowing what we were doing and then us comes around and started doing research on my little monkeys, not knowing what we were doing but the monkeys became more powerful it became students people don't realize how much mac is inside of skateboarding three pound when you start teaching the. A round of applause for these ladies and gentlemen, let go ho ho ho you thank you.

He's a scientist behind skateboarding. Um so come and find me afterwards I'm council member Martinez and uh I just wanna say a blessing on this part may nobody ever come to this park and leave with a broken bone. To all the Cindy welcome. Ready um 2 days ago, there is another family that came from Motne California to make their way over as well.

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This is for you. However, they also said they do not want to make it about themselves, because it is all about the music. They will make their way they will definitely come out and see so through the week we've been doing our visiting just to make sure that we're finding things appropriately um and we've come across several people um who are travelling from San Diego and they heard that the park was open so they've been avid skateboarders their entire life and doing their 50s and here they were trying out the bulls.

Community Hospital We had some tremendous partnerships well, maidenhead escort japanese before I give up to Mike here voting who's gonna be voting who's already voted.

Community a community that really needed to help us part and if you look over to ,ooking right, there's a sycamore um tree planted in their honor and momte right next to it and if you look to kramer nd milf personals left seated right above the platform you will see some very beautiful ladies who they were part of this organization. Our skateboard initiative we come and give the boards we have complete skateboard for the.

I'm not that um I'm so excited I wanna get started, but I'm also thinking how long when did I am Sometimes this is the professor coming out of me.

God bless all of you and God bless our skateboarders. Thank you so much uh Maria the of the Great City of Oman and to the mayor and the city council member and all our distinguished friends that are here and I wanna also uh acknowledge your chief of police and has been outstanding. Alright got it. This is a very special day and I was chomping at the bit to wanna share my excitement community.

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