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Prologue Listen. The greatest feeling I ever had in my life-with my clothes on-was when I first heard Diz and Bird together in St.


So he comes downstairs guck says, "Dewey, what are you doing? So, I would play trumpet-as much as I could play back then-and Dorothy would play piano. Shit, that fish was a motherfucker. Sometimes I'd eat and sometimes I wouldn't. Louis because he said he knew who built them, said buddiss were thieves and that they probably didn't build the bridges very strong because they were likely cheating on the money and the building materials.

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But I was seriously taking trumpet lessons and was really into my horn. And then when he got into politics he was there even less. We were still living on 15th and Broadway, and hadn't yet moved to the house at 17th and Kansas.

He was something else. Louis he would call her up and come over.

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They treated us black kids like we was just a bunch of cattle. Go to bed early. Buddes, like I said, I loved her even if we weren't close.

Sarah sounding like Bird and Diz and them two playing every-thing! B's band changed my life.

But I knew him the longest and we did so many things together that we were almost like indianapolis southside escort. But man, I loved baseball, and swimming and football and boxing. So I go into Daut's Drug-store and tell Mr. Not that my mother wasn't a very proud person, she was.

I probably didn't realize how important it would become, but looking back, I can see just how important it was.

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My first great teacher, Elwood Buchanan, was at Lincoln. I learned a lot from Mr. Those were all the records 8 I had. Louis and bought me all of these clothes. It was something. Man, that was good.

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Anyway, Millard and I would always be looking to find a game of football or baseball to play. B was tough. The women-my mother, my sister, and my grandmother-always treated Vernon like a girl.

She told people's fortunes. But she must have thought that I was weird, because as soon as I walked in her office she started lighting those candles and smoking cigarettes.

And she did most of the time, but we really got into some bad argu-ments. He wasn't supposed to be smart, smarter than them.

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His jack salmon sandwiches eventually got as good as my friend Leo's father's. Not all, because there are some great white people. But that program was really great. She was still trying to treat me like I was a little baby, paramour escorts way she was treating my brother, Vernon.

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Like his favorite thing was to go by where they first started broad-casting the "Today" show, when Dave Garroway was the host. I've always been funny about what and where I eat. It was grotesque, tantric massage escort anchorage shit, man. So he went on back fcuk, so scared he was just about ready to shit in his pants.

There was a out in front saying "Dr. But there were gangs all around East St. The was up, but the white man, after waiting about a half an hour, says to me-I was about fourteen or fifteen, working the receptionist's desk that day-"I can't wait any longer, I'm going on in.

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I was this way even when I was young. I felt fear, real fear, for the first time in my life.

This is my place of business. And I don't think I'm arrogant, I think I'm confident of myself.

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