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Want to Private Man Norman queen looking for knight in shining

Norman queen looking for knight in shining

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And did they really marry into those important families? We decided to find out if everything on the Internet was indeed true. And it was true. We had three glorious weeks to find all the information we could seek out. SpendIng the first week in London In beautiful weather we did all the tourist things.


We copied off the Savage part, not realizing that the Savages had married daughters of the other families written up In the book, and Lookiny daughters had married the sons.

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These castles were built on hills so invading enemies had a hard time tackling the walls, having boiling oil poured down on them, etc. The church and Savage Chapel are not only used for weekly services but also are the primary tourist attraction in Macclesfield. There is also the Legh Chapel in the church, built infollowed by the Savage Chapel.

The church ladies keep the sculptures well dusted and polished. He commanded the left wing at the Battle of Bosworth in and was killed at the siege of Boulogne in One of our Sir John Savages married his daughter. taipei escort

Spanish knight armor

Knigyt would not have been able to see the glorious sights of our forefathers in effigy had we not made the trip when we did. So I bought all that were left. This splendid English Baroque style monument shows Thomas in a wig with flowing draperies caught behind looped curtains, framed by huge alabaster pillars and pediment. There might have been others.

Medieval fair

All for 25 pounds a night. We do know there are Savages buried under the chapel. They also have done a great job of restoring and preservIng the tombs and effigies of the Savages and Leghs. Again, we were fortunate that we went to England when we did.

Located high on the hill overlooking the forests and valleys it had a great vantage point in times of battle, a strong defensive position surrounded by low lying country on three sides and a river on the fourth. I guess I should say here that benet lake wi adult personals of the Savage daughters married Legh sons, hence the Savage-Legh connection.

After almost two weeks In Ireland doing all the tourist things and looking for Savages and Sharpes we were ready to board the Air Lingus plane for London and then British Air for home. He was beheaded on the orders of Henry of Bolingbroke at Chester. Then came the realization that the Savages really had more than one shield.

One wonders why the Savages ever left there. I dislike public transportation for that very reason. Here were tombs of kings and queens and heroes from medieval days forward.

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At the corners of the pillars are two shields with the Savage sheilds. A complete waste of time.

It was thought that the church was built afterwhen the Normans invaded England. One of the sales girls said there was a cemetery on the hill inside the castle but was so overgrown with blackberries you cant get near it. Of course we did not eat all that!

But, alas we could not find it again, so we will never know what it said. After the disappointments of the day before we were delighted to find the church located at the end of a cobblestone street overlooking the valley.

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Then we remembered what everyone back home said. I was shocked at all the tombs with all the effigies on top.

Next day we learned there had been a bomb found that had not gone off. One of the guides did say it was indeed John Savage, tho. After the tour David was one of those chosen to taste the whiskey. I spent the afternoon at the library with the microfiche kinght over old parish records.

Knight in shining humour

Wind and weather did more damage. Thomas died In 14 September at age 67, pretty old for that century. We had three glorious weeks to find all the information we could seek out.

It took David a few days to master the narrow streets and driving on the wrong side of the road. While I was sitting at a table sipping a hot toddy, a cute little woman asked if she could sit at the table.

At the top of this huge monument is depicted nine shields given to or inherited by Thomas Savage. Economy's knight in shining armor?

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Nothing left but the bluff it once sat on. We spent about 4 hours there.

David and Dee were getting better. There was also a wonderful display of life size wooden horses, replicas of those ridden by the Kings and carved head replicas of some of those kings. And got shibing names of two tour guides to take us around.

Queen Elizabeth II has approved an honorary knighthood for Greenspan's "outstanding contribution to global economic stability," the British Treasury said Tuesday. We were told llooking look at the next to it and it would correspond with a shield poplar escorts the wall or ceiling.

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